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Human Rights / Mr. Shipcovs Detention Case Story

Mr. Shipcov has been charged of attempt to commit a robbery and he was arrested on the 23 June 2011. The criminal case # 180340 in related to Mr. Shipcov has been probed by the Investigation Office of the Tver Police Department (Russia).
Mr. Shipcov is disabled since one of his eyes is blind and the other one’s ability is very weak, he isn’t able both read and write by own. Therefore according to the Regulation # 3 “On medical examination of criminal suspects and accused” enacted by Russian Parliament on 14th January 2011, Mr. Shipsov must be placed to the Tver Oblast Hospital for medical examination and the prosecuting authorities must get a medical consequence with regard to possibility of his detention before he had been taken to court. The dictates of the Regulation # 3 have not been executed. They do knowingly have debared Mr. Shipsov from medical examination till nowadays.

After Mr. Shipsov had been taken up by the court, he was placed into a solitary cell of the Tver Remand Prison IZ-69/1. On the Sunday 26th June 2011 Mr. Shipsov had got beaten up by the Prison’ officers, he had two broken ribs, broken through lung, and a terrible swollen bruise over the back. On 27th June 2011 he was convoyed to the Prison’s Hospital to Torzhok – town in Tver oblast in Russia and he had been treated there more than for three weeks. Then he was convoyed back to the Prison IZ-69/1. Nowadays his eye is becoming increasingly fraught with peril of blindness. What’s more as a result of got beaten up Mr. Shipsov has been in pain of his heart and he isn’t able to walk without special help.

Being Mr. Shipsov’s defense attorney, I appealed to the high investigation authorities since in light of these findings, the all of prosecuting officials having relation to inhuman treatment with Mr. Shipsov should be subject to internal scrutiny and external investigation. Nonetheless nothing has been done they contended that it had been lawful violence, so the implication is that they want to pigeonhole these data. Albeit such behaviour of law enforcement officials is unacceptable and the one is just a crime there is no made charge.

The trial court twice found Mr. Shipsov’s detention lawfully and extended term of Mr. Shipsov’s detention till 19th November 2011. I appealed to the higher court but the trial court decisions upheld by the Tver Oblast Court (Appeal Court). My statements with regard to unlawful detention, since there is infringement of the dictates of the Regulation # 3 “On medical examination of criminal suspects and accused” and inhuman treatment had got ignored by the Appeal Court and my appeals dismissed.

Since such Mr. Shipsov’s treatment is perceived only as torture and inhuman I have prepared the appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.
To support human rights and to promote rule of law principles in Russia, rendering my professional services I would like to inform all human rights organizations about these data and to air it because the authorities are reluctant to disclose this.


Evgeny A. Nagornyy, attorney at law

05 September 2011

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