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  • March 4, 2014

  • Anti-Corruption Committee News

    Dr Lawrence M Friedman famously noted that once public office in England was essentially a nice warm udder to be milked. It has been the same in Russia for a long time apart from the Stalin period of contemporary history. Many public officials only take up and use their positions for illicit enrichment and misconduct in public administration, and this is the norm. Moreover, people are used to exploiting their relationships with public officials to obtain economic advantage in return for illicit intermediation, as well as being accustomed to paying grease payments. What are the state authorities doing to change the situation? To answer the question read the article of Evgeny Nagornyy "Anti-corruption rhetoric against the ageless system of bribery of public officials".

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Evgeny Nagornyy is an attorney at law and renders his services as a private practitioner in Russia and abroad. He focuses his practice on business law, practice management and developing. Evgeny Nagornyy has over thirty years' experience dealing with criminal cases involving matters of criminal fraud and abuse of power with an emphasis on corruption. He has provided anti-corruption assistance to his clients in Russia and Ukraine. Advising USAID Project in Ukraine he was closely involved in a high profile fraud internal investigation.

He graduated from Law Faculty of the State Kazan University (1980, Russia), and obtained his Doctor Degree in Business Administration at the International Academy of Personal Management (1997, Kiev, Ukraine). He taught courses on Commercial Law and International Commercial Transactions at the International Science and Technical University, Kyiv, Ukraine. In 1999 he did research in alternative dispute resolution in the USA. He has got more fifty articles published in Russian, Ukrainian and International editions.

In response to the needs of clients, he has cooperated with foreign advocates.

Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian.


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